Saturday, June 9, 2012

TobaccoTactics Means Better Education

Anyone wondering why the Smoking Blows comments sections have been recently inundated with pro-smoking and pro-tobacco use troll comments? It's because I've decided to promote a pioneering University research program that monitors the tobacco industry online.

The ground-breaking online resource, called, has been launched by researchers at the University Tobacco Control Research Group, at the University of Bath, UK. Utilizing the same open software as Wikipedia, TobaccoTactics aims to provide up-to-date information on the tobacco industry, its allies or those promoting a pro-tobacco agenda.

Launching a wiki as an online academic resource tool is a first for the University of Bath. But given academia’s current focus on knowledge exchange, TobaccoTactics is seen as a novel and innovative way to publish contemporary research.

The researchers hope the wiki will become a vital instrument to monitor ‘tobacco industry interference’ of public policy, which is this year’s theme of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

According to the TobaccoTactics news release, in all there are nearly 500 profiles on the wiki from tobacco companies, and the PR techniques they use to anonymous ‘tobacco trolls’. The website explores how the industry influences and often distorts public health debates, using a whole raft of lobbying and public relations tactics.

So, before believing any of the pro-tobacco bullshit comments that you may read here, or on other open anti-smoking or anti-tobacco use (pro health) forums, do a little investigating first. Become better educated and find out who's really on your side.

I'd suggest visiting TobaccoTactics often to further understand why these troll comments are being posted, who's posting the comments, and the sinister tactics behind them.


  1. I had noticed your comments had been infected by these pro tobacco terrorist trolls who harass and even issue death threats on their blogs.

    the recent national newspaper headlines in 2 newspapers exposed these trolls who celebrate the publicity of such terror tactics.

    i would suggest you have comment moderation enabled because smoking denial extremists will not stop, you have been targetted by these trolls who issued instructions to other trolls to attack your blog.

    great site cole- keep up the good work, your cause is honest and truthfull.

    well done


  2. Hello Todd40uk, I'm a "terrorist troll"? My, how colorful! Would you care to share where I've been "exposed"? I usually try, at least once in any new thread, to quite clearly "expose" myself via my signature. You'll note that I don't call myself "mike40usa" or any such anonymous handle. I'm curious though... do you think I'm one of those who "issued instructions" or did I simply get my directive from a secret controller?

    Cole, you spoke of "nearly 500 profiles on the wiki from tobacco companies" Are you including in that 500 profiles from tobacco companies Chris Snowdon and the other bloggers? If so, would you care to share which tobacco companies they are from and how much they are paid?

    I'd like to strongly back you up on this point however for your readers: "do a little investigating first. Become better educated and find out who's really on your side." For starters, I'll invite Cole, Todd, and any others who wish, to expose and offer specific, substantive criticisms of my research in "The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans" at :

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"
    And active in a great number of Free Choice organizations... all openly, declared, and without compensation. How about you todd40uk?

  3. You are one of Frank Davis biggest supporters on his blog who will not condemn violence or harassment tactics used by Frank Davis and other pro smoking trolls as described in the national newspaper articles

    why you didn't condem such matters but chose to mostly ignore them on his great free publicity celebration thread is a disgrace along with all the others in denial of the headlines even though frank himself confirmed those stories were the truth.

    Those who celebrate terror tactics as a tool for publicity are terroist trolls

    your quote on the headlines "Really rather humorous for the most part".

    that says it all on the subject of death threats, bullying and harassment of health worker campaigners, you were exposed as a terrorist troll.

  4. From The Local, in Switzerland - Tobacco giant infiltrated Lausanne uni: report

    [A 1993-1995 plan for the tobacco giant calls on the company to “organise, through third parties (e.g. Institute of Psychology at Lausanne University)” a national or international symposium on such themes as “tolerance, freedom of speech, scientific research and communication, the nanny state, health and lifestyle engineering”.]

  5. Headline from my previous comment link -

    Philip Morris, the world’s biggest producer of cigarettes, infiltrated the University of Lausanne as part of a campaign to make smoking “socially acceptable,” according to a Swiss newspaper.

    Here's the link to the cited newspaper article in , Le Matin