Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lead By Example | Smoking Kid

If you want your children to remain non-smokers, then you MUST lead them by example. Talk is cheap, and kids quickly understand the hypocrisy of a smoker urging them not to smoke.

Smoking Kid from Ogilvy Asia on Vimeo and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.


  1. Kids are much smarter than we sometimes think. According to Jeffrey C's. story -

    My niece is five years old, and she refers to cigarettes as “smokers” – as in, “Look, there’s a smoker on the ground.” I chuckled the first time she said it, but then I started thinking how crazy it is that a five-year-old girl already understands what cigarettes are (even if she doesn’t use the right word for them).

    What's "your" story?

  2. Since I've posted this fantastic video from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation last week, I hope that in some small way, that I had a hand in it going viral.

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