Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kick Smoking To The Curb

Being young, all you cared about was the short-term feelings smoking gave you and didn't see just how tightly nicotine had you wrapped around its little finger.

It's only now that you're a little older that you've come to realize that you were only being manipulated. Unfortunately it took a while, but you've finally realized that your relationship with cigarettes is just too self-destructive and will only bring you regret, pain and sorrow.

Listen to what Yaffa has to share about her relationship with smoking.

Don't wait seventeen years to read the writing on the wall. Avoid becoming involved with cigarettes now, before allowing a nicotine addiction to manipulate you into becoming an integral part of your life.

Kick smoking to the curb. Believe me, you are worth it and can do much better.

Source: Break It Off

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