Thursday, January 12, 2012

Debi Austin on Tobacco

Debi Austin started smoking at the age of 13. She continued to smoke through a stoma in her throat even after being diagnosed with cancer and having her larynx removed at the age of 42. But, Debi fought back. She starred in an iconic television ad for the California Tobacco Control Program, quit smoking and has made anti-tobacco education not only her mission in life, but her passion. Here's her inspiring documentary -

Source: TobaccoFreeCA

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  1. Debi Austin, the anti-tobacco advocate who appeared in the iconic “Voicebox” anti-smoking ad, has died following a 20-year battle with cancer, according to her family. RIP Debi. I'm sure that sharing your story helped save a few young smokers from the same fate.

    Source: Debi Austin, Anti-Smoking Advocate Seen in ‘Voicebox’ Ad, Dead at 62