Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are You A Replacement Smoker?

I say we applaud the intelligent efforts of The SmokeScreen. They use an usual, but effective, approach to inform our youth about the tobacco industry and the consequences of smoking. According to their website -
The SmokeScreen provides an alternative approach to tobacco education by focusing on the wider issues surrounding tobacco through the use of social marketing materials. This enables young people to explore and clarify their attitudes towards smoking and empower them to make informed decisions about their health related behavior.

The network of people and organizations that assist the availability of tobacco is the overarching theme of The SmokeScreen. This smoking education resource focuses on the role of the tobacco industry, executives, producers, manufacturers and other key players, to show young people the sophisticated supply-chain which allows easy access to tobacco in order to recruit new young “replacement smokers”.

The SmokeScreen intervention also explores influences on smoking uptake, illicit tobacco, social and environmental impact on a global scale. This alternative content for tobacco education provides a more engaging method to communicate the wider societal issues associated with smoking with children and young people.

The SmokeScreen @ Leicester College from The SmokeScreen on Vimeo.

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