Friday, September 27, 2013

Nicotine Is A Gateway Drug

Don't think that smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes is just a harmless endeavor to prove yourself cool to your so-called "friends". According to the gateway drug model, epidemiological evidence suggests that most illicit drug users report use of tobacco products or alcohol prior to illicit drug use.

And do you think that the corporations that manufacture these products care what happens to you? Of course not, sweetheart. You're just a tool they're using to line their own pockets. This time it's just a smoke, but what happens next time?


  1. And in many cases e-cigarettes can be used to specifically enable that "gateway" from addiction to nicotine, to abuse of other drugs.

  2. Just in case the pro-tobacco shills and the crazy Libertarians have convinced you otherwise, here's a link that points out the truth.