Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fight The Enemy - Tobacco

The war on tobacco remains a back-and-forth conflict, and DoD needs your help to fight the enemy.

They've found this sinister enemy to be all around us, infiltrating our forces, preying on our family, our friends, and fellow DoD service members. Their weapons in this battle are many, but DoD is reaching out to you today to enlist your help in a tactical mission they believe can help turn the tide.

Using the audio/visual equipment found in your arsenal, create a short video that illustrates the threat tobacco poses to individual’s health and social status. The Fight the Enemy video campaign aims to change the social norms surrounding tobacco use by declaring that tobacco use is the "enemy" that degrades health, fitness, mission readiness and work productivity.

The mission of creating videos "by Service members for Service members" is to frame tobacco use as socially unacceptable. This video competition is open to all DoD Service members, DoD Civilians and family members of DoD Service members. You can do it, get out there and kick some butts!

Video submissions will be accepted from August 15 -- October 15, 2013.

1 comment:

  1. Just a reminder to any blood and guts service members/familes, this is a non-violent video campaign. The last thing DoD wants to be accused of is "lighting up" any butts.