Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Take Your Last Drag

I've mentioned the strange love affair that often occurs between smokers and their cigarettes before on Smoking Blows, and the fact that many smokers consider cigarettes to be their first love.

But, nicotine addiction is not the kind of love worth pursuing. It may seem right in the beginning, but it's only after being abused for many years when smokers eventually come to realize that it's a love affair that should never have been consummated. Taking your breath away is never a good thing.

And, while taking your last drag and stomping out that cigarette is a good thing, using e-cigarettes to quit smoking has not been proven safe and effective, and still leaves you craving that bad relationship.

Don't buy into that e-cigarette porn. Take your last drag and kick nicotine out of your life altogether.


  1. Finally! Some common-sense media commentary about FDA regulation of e-cigarettes and nicotine addiction -

    "Addiction itself does lie at the heart of the FDA’s dilemma about regulating e-cigarettes. Should the agency assume that millions of Americans choose to be nicotine addicts, with the federal role simply to make the use of electronic cigarettes as safe as possible? Or should the FDA see this powerful addiction as inherently wrong, both for individuals and society, with the government helping people avoid or overcome it?" [my emphasis on "does"]

    Read more at: FDA and e-cigarettes: Nicotine addiction must not be the norm

  2. Allowing e-cigarettes to be sold has me perplexed. If you haven't noticed, the marketing push from companies selling e-cigarettes is in full effect. It's everywhere!

    Programmed robots promoting e-cigarettes while masquerading as real people on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, multitudes of paid endorsements on mainstream media news sites, full-page ads in newspapers and magazines, and even celebrity-endorsed advertising on TV. One e-cigarette company even has a former Surgeon General in their corner.

    We haven't seen stuff like this since the glory days of Big Tobacco when most people smoked.

    And all of these e-cigarette companies know that, while using e-cigarettes "may" be a safer alternative than smoking cigarettes, that there's BIG MONEY to be had selling products containing a highly-addictive chemical - nicotine.

    And that's why Big Tobacco is moving into the business.

    Think about it. Big Tobacco is always on the lookout for young replacement smokers because their products eventually kill off half of their long term customers before their time. Now they can hook their customers WITHOUT having to worry about finding replacements because (supposedly) e-cigarettes won't kill them off like tobacco cigarettes do.

    Because these products contain nicotine, they basically sell themselves. Just like tobacco cigarettes, once an e-cigarette user is addicted, they'll continue to buy that product for the rest of their lives in order to appease their addiction cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms.

    But straight nicotine e-cigarettes are even more sinister.

    Because there's no lingering smell or tobacco stains from e-cigarette use, it's even easier for kids to hide e-cigarette abuse from their parents. E-cigarettes include flavoring into their products, create fancy, colorful, and enticing packaging, and advertise and market their products anywhere without constraints.

    Everything about these products screams "legalized drug addiction" and will allow e-cigarette manufacturers to make money hand-over-fist as people are forced/choose to quit smoking.

    That's why there's such a push to keep e-cigarettes from being regulated, and that's why those manufacturers chose NOT to market their products as short-term "nicotine replacement therapy" as a way to help smokers quit smoking. They want long-term customers.

    You'd be upset if corporations were allowed to sell "e-crackpipes", "e-heroin cigarettes", or to "vape" opium, so why wouldn't you as be upset with corporations being allowed to sell straight nicotine, something just as addictive.

    Think about this when you become inundated with e-cigarette advertising attempting to convince you how much "safer" their products are than regular cigarettes.