Friday, June 14, 2013

Chicago Voices | Anita's Story

What happens when the light comes on? Chicago native Anita shares her powerful story about confronting, and ultimately beating, her tobacco addiction with the help of her son.

Source: Chicago Department of Public Health


  1. Pediatricians have the perfect opportunity to discuss and provide evidence-based assistance to parents who smoke while they're addressing their child's health. And similar to Anita's experience, pediatricians can test a child's urine sample to show parents how secondhand smoke does affect their childrens' health.

    According to the following case study, these interventions work - A system-level intervention implemented in 20 outpatient pediatric practices led to 12-fold higher rates of delivering tobacco control assistance to parents in the context of the pediatric office visit.

    Pediatrics: Implementation of a Parental Tobacco Control Intervention in Pediatric Practice

  2. Andreena Bogle-Walton quit smoking when she saw the effect it had on her daughter. She tells us why she wants to stop her daughter falling into the same trap she did as a teenager.

    Read more at: British Heart Foundation: Protect children from the tobacco giants