Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quitting Cold Turkey

For years, scientists have been trying to find the reason behind why some smokers can successfully beat their nicotine addiction the old-fashioned way, by quitting "cold turkey", while the majority of long-term smokers find it much more difficult to stop smoking.

Recent research is uncovering that a person's genetic disposition may possibly be involved in that reason. That same research also suggests that a person’s genetic makeup can help better predict who is most likely to respond to drug therapy and other interventions into their nicotine addiction.

Regardless, what is known is that a nicotine addiction is a multi-factorial condition.

There are many different factors involved in the process of becoming and remaining a smoker, and there will be many different forces trying to keep one from successfully quitting. So, until scientists discover that reason, it makes sense that one must incorporate a comprehensive set of strategies in order to beat their addiction.

Know this - the odds are against anyone quitting "cold turkey", don't beat yourself up if you've failed.

Quitting smoking is NOT just dependent upon sheer willpower. And failing to quit smoking cold turkey shouldn't be viewed as being weak-minded. Persistence is the key to success. Keep trying to quit smoking, and use any and all of the tools available to you to help enable your success.

Source: Washington State Department of Health: Tobacco

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  1. The emerging field of genomics might one day provide some tools to help address the smoking epidemic. However, smokers should never think that their genes can protect them from devastating harms or provide an easy way for them to quit later.

    Source: CDC - Never Let Genetics Blind You to the Harsh Reality of Cigarettes