Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smoking In Movies Sucks You In

Have you ever noticed how many movies show images of smoking? Think that’s just a coincidence to see your favorite stars light up on screen? Don't you believe it.

Every second of film is precisely scripted and choreographed to deliver a message, and the history of the tobacco industry’s collaboration with Hollywood, including payment for the placement of tobacco products in movies, is well documented.

Research has shown that the more youth see smoking in movies, the more likely they are to start. “Film is better than any commercial that has been run on television or in any magazine, because the audience is totally unaware of any sponsor involvement.”

Today, tobacco use in films still remains widespread. The influence of smoking in movies on young people should not be surprising, given the pervasive influence of Hollywood on popular culture and the fact that most other vehicles of tobacco promotion have been banned.

But you can help prevent youth smoking by taking a stand against smoking in movies.

Support making smoking in movies require an "R" rating. An R-rating for smoking will cut childrens' exposure to smoking in movies by at least half, preventing almost 200,000 adolescents from starting to smoke every year and averting 50-60,000 tobacco deaths a year in coming decades.

Source: Smoke Free Movies (Canada)

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  1. The equivalent effect of PG-13-rated and R-rated MSE suggests it is the movie smoking that prompts adolescents to smoke, not other characteristics of R-rated movies or adolescents drawn to them. An R rating for movie smoking could substantially reduce adolescent smoking by eliminating smoking from PG-13 movies.

    Source: Pediatrics: Influence of Motion Picture Rating on Adolescent Response to Movie Smoking