Monday, May 7, 2012

Secondhand Smoke Kills

Be very careful about who you ask for a light. There's a growing segment of the population who isn't going to put up with any inconsiderate secondhand smoke anymore.

Fresh to Death scene from Distortion Entertainment on Vimeo.


  1. Case in point - About 15 people were involved in a fight at a Bismarck casino, which began when a man refused to put out his cigarette.

    Source: Brawl erupts during blackjack game at Bismarck casino

  2. You are abso-fucking-lutely disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. So it's alright to shoot smokers is it? And WE'RE the ones who are in the wrong? Filthy, disgusting bastards you anti-smokers are. Turn the gun on yourselves, eliminate from our world your despicable hatred.

  3. So you are suggesting murder is acceptable?

  4. You know what there is always a way to accomdate both non smoker and smoker alike. The technology exists and is being put to use like here in Atlanta to where someone can smoke and others wouldnt even know someone smoking unless they looked. To this day there is no proof that ETS or second hand smoke kills and each time a anti smoking firm or organization goes to court to sue over ETS damage to someone or something they are defeated. Already organizations like the EPA and the WHO are guilty of cooking the books on the health effects or when it was discovered that ETS could actually be a positive effect, IE a PROTECTION from lung cancer, they attempted to bury the report. Also we have to take into consideration that is also inconsiderate for a non smoker to force his or her will on place that he or she doesnt own. I think its funny that many are pro choice when it comes to a womans body but are not pro choice when it comes to the rights of business owners should be able to make a judgement call on the use of a legal product. If you dont like the smoke in an area go elsewhere, no one is forcing you to go there. Ditto for smokers too, the door swings both ways.

  5. That's not much of a case in point. Was it 14 against the drunk who happened to be smoking? ... seems not. Most casinos allow smoking anyway. Fights start in casinos for the most trivial of matters.

    By the way, the above clip is pathetic to the extreme.

  6. Tobacco Tactics aims to provide up-to-date information on the Tobacco Industry, its allies or those promoting a pro-tobacco agenda.

    1. An endless source of entertainment it is too. Do the authors live in the real world?
      Example :-
      "Richard / Dick Puddlecote is a libertarian pro-tobacco blogger who has the same name as a Medieval wool merchant.[1] He is a member of the smokers' rights group Freedom2Choose.[2] Puddlecote says he runs his own transport business,[3] yet there is no "Puddlecote" listed as a Director at Companies House."

      They won't find "Smoking Hot" in the list of directors either. Nor indeed "Smoking Blows". :)

    2. It is indeed hideously funny. It takes all the tobacco control industry tactics and complains that we are the ones using them.
      Pity it's being paid for by the taxpayer though.