Saturday, April 7, 2012

Become A Smoke-Free Landlord

Approximately eighty-percent of people nationwide DO NOT smoke cigarettes, yet landlords who allow smoking in their rentals continue to put their non-smoking tenants at risk, and only to appease the minority of nicotine addicts whose habits only harm themselves and others.

Not taking into account the costs, damages, and nuisances caused by secondhand smoke to both tenants and landlords, here's just a sampling of how many "smoking-related" house fire news links for only the past week alone, by using a simple Google news search -

1. Fire destroys Roanoke County apartment building

2. Derby fire caused by cigarette, fire marshal says

3. A Warning To Smokers; 3rd fire caused by cigarettes

4. Smoldering cigarette — not an arsonist — may have caused fatal fire

5. Fire destroys Mountlake Terrace home

6. Discarded cigarette ignites duplex fire in northwest Oklahoma City

7. Smoking materials thrown in potting soil start apartment fire

8. Cigarette to blame in fatal house fire in Prince George

9. FDNY: Poorly Disposed Cigarettes Cause Of Queens Apartment Fire

10. Residents cope with aftermath of apartment fire

Wake up landlords and smell the smoke! It's in everyones best interests, including smokers, to operate only smoke-free housing facilities (pdf). So, what are you waiting for?

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