Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tobacco-Free Athletes | Inspiration!

The tobacco industry heavily promotes at events like stock car racing, baseball and rodeos. By repeatedly showing the face of tobacco at places where people go to have fun, big tobacco believes positive feelings will eventually be associated with tobacco use.

Project Filter wants to change the belief that tobacco use is normal, “cool,” or acceptable behavior at sporting events. To do this, Project Filter must get its own pro-health messages in front of racecar, motocross, baseball, and rodeo fans. This requires a visible presence at events, which sponsorships provide.

Project Filter is fortunate to have found a team of role models both inspirational and talented in their respective sports. The Project Filter team reaches fans all over Idaho – the same fans marketed to so heavily by big tobacco. And each member of Project Filter’s team brings a unique message about the importance of quitting or remaining smoke free.

Source: Project Filter and Idaho QuitNet

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