Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Facts Behind Plain Packaging


Because it makes cigarette packs less attractive to our children.

Every year, another 340,000 children in the UK are tempted to try smoking. And research has shown that they are more likely to be attracted by designed tobacco packs, than by plain packs.

With regulation in place to restrict television, radio and other advertising, packaging is becoming more and more important to the tobacco industry to help sell their products.

Shiny holograms, pretty pastel colors and wrappers are just some of the eye-catching pack designs available, and there is building evidence to suggest that these packs can attract and mislead children.

Source: Plain Packs Protect

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  1. Now that corporations are legally considered individual entities, I guess they're entitled to the same basic rights given to "human beings".

    According to CNN.com - Federal judge blocks anti-smoking images required on tobacco products

    A federal mandate requiring tobacco companies to place graphic images and words on their products warning of the dangers of smoking was tossed out Wednesday by a federal judge, as a violation of free speech.