Monday, January 9, 2012

Smoking | Non-Smoking

Compelling and frightening, SMOKING | NON-SMOKING is a film inspired by true events and dares to ask questions which remain unanswered to this day.

At its center is a portrait of a family torn apart by cancer. Non-smoker Jack Jordan Sr. has died of lung cancer at the age of 47, presumably brought on by thirty-years of breathing his wife Eleanor's secondhand smoke.

An ambitious Assistant District Attorney brings Eleanor to trial on murder charges, and 24-year-old son Jack Jr. is caught in the middle. The subsequent trial, the role young Jack plays in the proceedings, and the jury deliberations revolve around the questions of who knew what and when did they know it. Unspoken are the obvious political ramifications of the answers. Few films deserve the label "important," and this is one of them.

Here's the trailer -

Source: House of Film

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