Friday, May 13, 2011

This Dress Is Smoking

According to excerpts from an AFP/Google news release -
Paris (France) student Flore Garcia Bour, 22, is picking up butts by the hundred from the streets and stitching them painstakingly into a dress in an effort to draw attention to the smelly detritus degrading the city's streets.
"I have always been revolted by the number of butts dropped on our streets while it would be simple to change habits and to put them into a rubbish bin," she told AFP.

Flore started stitching the dress on April 26 and plans to finish it on May 15 with cigarette butts collected in jars from all over the city, and treated to remove the evil smell. Let's hope she models the dress when she's finished. It was designed to accentuate her nice ash.

Image Source: Flore's Blog: Le Mégot Défi

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  1. I think that I've found the perfect hat to compliment this smokin' dress.