Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who's Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass?

I think that Big Tobacco realizes that the justifiable war on smoking could eventually lead to their demise, so they're pulling out all of the stops in order to create other addictive products and ensure a steady stream of future customers. What kind of nicotine products?
  • Flavored cigars - Flavored snuff - Dissolvable (candy-like) tobacco pieces
  • Spitless SNUS - Nicotine bottle water - Nicotine hand gel - And more!

Of course, the industry is promoting these products as "safer" alternatives to smoking.

While I'll personally enjoy being rid of secondhand smoke if these products succeed, I have to disagree with the label "safer". They're just trying to blow smoke up our asses. If they really wanted to sell a safer product they could easily remove the addictive nicotine.

But, it's not like those in the tobacco industry haven't tried to devise bogus ways to entice others into using their products in the past.

Tobacco Smoke Enema
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As a healthcare professional, I could go on about the ethics and dangers associated with these new products, but in reality, once both corporate profits and tax revenue are affected, nothing else matters. History has shown that greed will almost always trump ethics.

The only way to win the war against nicotine addiction is through individual education, and by keeping yourself and your loved ones from ever using these products in the first place.

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