Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrate No Smoking Day

Choose March 9th as your day to quit smoking.

On that day, also reflect on your decision to start smoking, how smoking has affected your life and the lives of your loved ones, and why it's so difficult to quit. Ask yourself -
  • Was it worth rebelling against your caring parents authority as a teenager only to become a nicotine addict and a foolish puppet of the sinister tobacco industry?
  • Do you still think that you look cool smoking that cigarette, or continue to care what your past "friends" think about you? Are any of those "friends" that you wanted to impress with your smoking skills still an important part of your life?
  • How much money have you spent on your addiction over the past years, and how much do you think it will cost you if you continue to smoke?
  • How many people have you inconsiderately affected with your secondhand smoke since you've been smoking? Have you smoked where you know that you aren't supposed to smoke, smoked with your kids locked in the car, or smoked in a crowded or enclosed place, only because you "needed" to have that nicotine fix?
  • Do you always think about your next cigarette, and become shaky, nervous, and irritable when you can't smoke that next cigarette? Do you find yourself saying that you really "love" smoking, find that smoking relaxes you or makes you feel better, but don't believe that's part of the addiction process?

Take these questions to heart. If you're a smoker, you've already lost control over a portion of your life. So, why not do something about it and choose March 9th as your date to take back control of your life? It's time to quit!

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