Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's A Smoker's Limit?

I'm sure you've all seen smokers like this sinking motorist. You gotta laugh.

No matter what kind of chaos is happening around them, a smoker's main focus will always be getting that last drag off their cigarette. They just cannot spit that cigarette out of their mouth, no matter how serious the situation. It's the ultimate sign of nicotine addiction.

The funny part is that every one of these smokers never recognizes the absurdity of their own behavior, even when pointed out to them with pictures.. but I'll keep trying.

Anybody got a light?
Image Source: Zero1Infinity


  1. Hey man,

    You have some really great content. You should consider getting a regular URL.

    Anyhow, it really is amazing how smokers will worry about smoking in even the worst of situations. I was no different before I stopped back in June though, so I know how it is. Nicotine is one hell of an addictive substance!

    Keep up the good work. I've enjoyed looking through what you have to offer here.

  2. Thanks Andrew.. glad to hear that you did yourself, your family, and your friends a BIG solid by quitting.

    If I listen close enough, I think I can hear Big Tobacco cursing your name.

    Thanks for stopping by!