Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Some things are timeless, like how a son emulates his father.

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  1. We all know, it's common sense now. When it comes to smoking, if we don't want our children to follow in our footsteps and become smokers themselves, we MUST lead by example. Parents who smoke normalize that behavior for their children and place them at risk for becoming smokers too.

    But, if you need another study to point that out to you, HealthDay reports similar results on a longitudinal, multigenerational study recently published in the journal of Pediatrics

    According to one of the study authors -

    "We should educate young people that smoking at any time in their lives could have influences on their children. Also, preventative efforts should target heavy-smoking households, trying to break the cycle of influence on the oldest siblings," Vuolo said.