Monday, January 17, 2011

Nicotine Romance

I have an uncle who got hit by a car recently, and almost killed, because he constantly runs across busy interstate highways. Although he's been hit by a car and is still recovering from his injuries, he continues to run across the same busy highways. He knows the risk is great that he'll be hit again, and he knows his days are numbered, but he continues to play in busy traffic today regardless of the known personal consequences, or how it affects the many innocent drivers on those highways.

Although I have sympathy for his situation, I think my uncle is way too cool. So, I constantly run across busy highways myself. I've perfected this foolish behavior by watching him run across busy interstate highways every day, and I expect to follow in his footsteps one day.

I'd like to learn from my uncle's mistakes and change my risky behavior because I know that I'll likely die young too, but I can't. I fucking love playing in busy traffic, and that takes precedent over everything else in my life. Nothing else is more important.

Hopefully, one day I'll have children of my own to pass along what I've learned from my uncle.

Here's a documentary about the lunacy of nicotine addiction from Jaci Hardgrove.

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