Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movies Glamorize Smoking

The movie industry is notorious for glamorizing smoking in their films, especially when the American baby boomer generation was growing up. During the 40s, 50, and 60s, it seemed as though everyone on film smoked.

I can only imagine the countless millions that the tobacco industry probably spent on filmmakers over the years in order to ensure that smoking is considered a normal and everyday activity to the American public.

But, in recent years we've seemed to become more aware of the manipulation from the tobacco industry, and some filmmakers and actors have become concerned about how their actions affect their fans, and have refused to promote smoking in their films.

As a matter of fact, some classic filmmakers have re-edited their old movies to remove any scenes of smoking. To describe what I mean, here's the re-edited version of the 1942 film classic, Casablanca, the one movie that had smoking in just about every scene.

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